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Understanding Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are the leading cause of death and disability in young adults. In fact, athletes encounter head injuries more than any other injury.

The most unfortunate thing about a brain injury is not just its impact on your sports career, but also your entire life!


Studies show that injuring your brain is a lifetime disability that will have many more negative impacts than just no longer being able to compete for first place.


The Flux Motion Solution

Our goal is to help you push yourself in the competition and still have confidence that our product will protect you. No longer should you have the fear of being disqualified due to an injury.

Our design uses a Non-Newtonian fluid to optimize the damping for each mode and speed of impact. 
Through our research and development, we have found the safest configuration that can also allow for drop-in compatibility, unlike our competitors.

Our design lets the fluid do the work. This design provides an ergonomic solution our competitors haven’t achieved.


The Problem with Traditional Helmets

Helmets' were initially designed to prevent skull fracture. Current Foam helmets do not effectively protect your brain. 

So why are brain injuries still occurring when the impacts are so devastating? Studies have shown that brain injuries can be caused from both rotational acceleration or linear acceleration. Most helmet manufacturers do not protect against both of these types of collisions. 

Enter: Flux Motion


How it Works

Our unique dynamic damping solution was designed around our customers! We have invested our time to create a padding system that adapts to your specific impact.


Unlike helmet foam, our fluid damping system provides optimal protection, regardless of how intense you play! This helps to prevent brain injuries at all the types of impacts (low/medium/high).


Additionally, we are one of the only products that add an additional layer of protection for both rotational and angular acceleration.

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