Meet the Team


Brian Glahn


I am a Mechanical Engineer from MSU Bozeman with experience in R&D, aerospace, automotive, and systems design. 
Among my passions for engineering, I also enjoy working on cars, sailing, backpacking, biking, and gigging as a musician.


Tadeusz Martynowicz


As an avid biker and snowboarder, I'm no stranger to the need for adequate head protection. I received my Bachelors of Science at Montana State University with a minor in aerospace engineering, and am currently finishing my Masters in mechanical engineering. With a focus on vibrations and linear systems, I model the dynamics of head impacts and optimize our damping design, while making sure to leave some time in my day to hit the single tracks.

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Benjamin McHugh


I am a mechanical engineer professional with research and sales engineering experience. I apply knowledge from my background to cultivate effective solutions to some of the most challenging biomechanical safety concerns evident today.