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What does good head protection look like to you?

In the Medieval age, helmets were made of steel. Offering low visibility, considerable weight, and little padding, these helms protected swordsmen from the weapons used in combat. 

While these helmets may have helped fend off the attacks of enemies, they did not prevent the wearer from experiencing the hits that were associated with battle. 

Helmets today have improved on the padding necessary to prevent skull fracture, but do not necessarily protect against concussions much better. The root of the problems lie in how helmets work.

Flux Motion Helmet Technology

When your head collides with something, it usually comes to an abrupt halt. This is is where traumatic brain injuries occur. These are unseen injuries that can be just as devastating. 

Flux Motion is creating a modular helmet insert that will help protect users from TBIs at a wider range of speeds for their sport.  

The addition of foam to helmets helps lengthen the time it takes for your head to come to a full stop in a collision, but these foams are designed to only work well at certain speeds. This is where Flux Motion is creating a solution.

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